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Rundown of the character, my thoughts on them, and multimedia on each.

"These are my friends! Leave them alllooonnee!..."

Kaneda, after watching many friends die and sees his girlfriend get brainwashed.

Akira involves a deep cast of truly fantastic characters. All from Tetsuo himself to the numbers carry an involving role in the plot, even if they carry small roles in the film. The relationship between Kaneda and Tetsuo with thier pasts and thier closeness really adds a dimensional warmth to the film, expecially when you consider how much Tetsuo has been crapped on all his life.

In terms of characters and character development, Akira stands out among all the rest. This is the area where Anime's really show thier depth, the staple in Japanimation. The big glossy sensitive eyes and the realistic yet tragic emotion seen in such great animes as Akira and Wings of Hineamise.


Kaneda takes the biggest physical beating throughout the film. As the leader of the Gang, Kaneda carries the responsibility of all the people in his group. Although Yanna and the others sometimes get a little out of line, Kaneda makes sure that his group stay within the boundaries of stupid. Caught up between being a member of the group and needing the support of it is Tetsuo. Kaneda is Tetsuo's hero scince childhood. The bigger brother he always strives to be like, and with this Kaneda froms a perpetual bond with Tetsuo like a protective brother, like family. A symbol of this, and this is something everyone will recognize, is the bike. The bike shows how much Tetsuo wants to be like Kaneda, strong in will and stature. The bike symbolizes Kaneda's control over the other members of the gang.

Kaneda is the most popular character of the film. He is well sketched out and dubbed well, but that voice sounds too familiar. Still, now that I have seen the film an x number of times, it wouldn't be "Akira" without that voice. (I know who it is, thank you.)

Kaneda Pics

Tetsuo Shima



The Gang

The gang!

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