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Commentary 3/12/98

I just got this site up. This commentary section will fill with all kinds of Akira talk and Editorials updated lots. I will try to make this an interactive site that stays fresh all the time.

Akira our finest hour. This site will devote all of it's worth to the propoganda and coveting of the great anime Akira. Join us, won't you? C'mon. Join my cult. No silly hats, no chants, just the Anime lover devotion and respect, that no matter how good japanimation gets, we will never forget Akira in all it's glory and what it has done for the industry of Japanese Animation.

Anyway, scince I have seen AKIRA, it has consumed my life for the last few weeks, and I just HAD to make a webpage for it. This is my Akira shrine, a testiment to the hardest-to-find classic out there. I scincerly hope AKIRA will be re-released for the holidays or for an anniversary special, cause it's out of print right now. If ANYONE has ANY information about a rumor or other information about AKIRA availability PLEASE email me!!!!