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"...I feel like I could take on the world today..."
Tetsuo Shima, military hospital
Last Updated: 12/12/98

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Please bear with me for the next little while. I will be busy trying to get all the links and pics up over the next little while. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Thank you.


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I'd love to hear what fellow Akira fans enterpret in the movie and what they think of it. Lest we forget AKIRA!

Picture Gallery
Slow modems won't be too badly affected. There are separate low mem thumnails, and AS A BONUS TO CULT MEMBERS, the pictures from the movie have been remastered by yours truly for some great clarity and color. Come and enjoy!
Brief summaries of who they are and what I thought of them with some pics and sounds for each one. Some polls, too. Next page to visit!
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No funny hats, no chants, just the aknowledgement that Akira is the best and that we will never forget what it has done for the anime and science fiction industries.

Cult Members, People who signed the petition, Poll Results,

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If you're an anime fan of any kind c'mon and sign the guestbook so I know who was here.

Whooo! I got this site on the webring and suddenly it FLOODED...okay, it didn't FLOOD with guests, but it sure perked up. Twenty in a couple of short hours. Yes, I'm working on the picture galleries, but it's time consuming to make all those thumbnails and keep track of whats on the server. Besides, there are more and more pictures that i'm finding on the net, and I just wanna make sure I get them ALL.

Anyway, I still have but to see the subbed Akira. Has anyone seen it? I've read about it being hard to read or something. BTW, sign my guestbook! And as for joining the cult, I will just list your name somewhere on this site. The other info is purely for me to read and see what other people have to say about akira. It IS the best anime there ever was, the best anime there is, and the best damned anime there EVER WILL BE!

previous commentry

Honestly, if you have seen Akira and didn't like it, get the hell out of my site. This is usually the cause of ignorance or impatience.

(Contains some violence and lots of imaginative vivid imagery)

Best = Awe - some animation and "special effects". Very good plot with deep characters with tragic pasts. Although a roller coaster in it's integrity, not non stop action. A few teasers that have you saying "Whoa, that was sooooo cool." "Holy crap! What the hell was that!?". Very well thought out movie, with some really surprisingly great dubbs for Tetsuo and some others.
Not so Best = In the dubbed, Sarge's voice sounds too typical american constipated G.I. Joe voice-over. Ending is a little abstract, so extra viewings are rewarding (and enjoyable for that matter).

Sign the petition! Your signature will be emailed straight onto my server. This petition is to show how we the Akira representatives of Earth want Akira to be re-released onto VHS as a special edition THX re-mastered (and all that shit) glorious form. Let it be done!

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Macross Plus 4
Space Warriors
Wings of Hinneamise
Fists of the North Star
Dominion Tank Police
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Ninja Scroll Ghost in the Shell

But none of them really matter whence compared to AKIRA!!!!

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