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Join the Akira Cult! This is just some information I'm personnally interested in. Your email address is simply there so other cult members can talk or you don't have to place your email address there. The form is being submitted via email, but your email address remains confidential.

Feel free to fill out as many or as little fields as you like. Please do not feel like you're getting into something here. It's just me, a guy who really likes akira to the point of rabid obsession. I would like to know these things, though.

What is your name? (or the name you go by)

What is your favourite akira moment? (brief: gang chase scene, tetsuo gets loose (splat!))

Do you own Akira?

Do you have an Akira website?

Best express your Akira fanatacism.

What do you think of the site?

What's your second favourite anime?

Thanks! I really appreciate it!