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Backrounds, MIDI's and Wav's, get your Wav's...

The wavs are pretty cool. The one's I'd like to point out are the "Just when my coil's reaching the green line", a soon popular phrase for Kaneda and Tetsuo's "Bitchin'". "Men, we're going to the Olympics." is a pretty cool one. Keep in mind that you should have seen the movie to enjoy these sounds. My fav: "Where is this thing called Akira!?"

The backround is really cool, and it's zipped for a good reason. It's well over a megabyte of server space. The animated GIFS are worth downloading. Just do me a favour after you're done downloading. Email me at the bottom of the page to tell me how great I am. Forget the hungry, feed my damn ego.

There is a couple movies, but they soak up server space like a sponge. There should be some sites in the LINKS section with movies. If there is anything you think I should put up on this page please tell me.

Wavs of Akira

"C'mon" - Sarge calling it on, brother.
"Bitchin'" - Tetsuo discovering his power.
"Kaaaannnneeeeeddddaaa!" - Gang member (who please) calling amonst rubble for his friend
"Men, we're going to the Olympics." - Good sarge dub (very few of these.
"I'll miss you!" - Gang member (same one) expresses his feelings for lost commrade.
"I wish you'd just go away and leave me alone." - Tetsuo bitter.
"You got it! I'm gonna wipe this guy all over the street!" - Tetsuo losing it and getting mad.
"What's wrong with tryin to help a buddy!?" - Kaneda whining for his life at gunpoint
"Dummm Dummm" - oh hell yeah...Tetsuo 3:16's gonna whoop some ass.
"(sounds like belch)" - spooky intro to spooky giant teddy (something really disturbing about this)
"ak...ahhh...AHHHHH!" - those damned migranes have gotten to Tetsuo again.
"It's A k i r a !" - Takashi exasperated at Akira's entrance.
"(heavy breathing)" - pretty cool japanese music during a chase scene.
"Just when my coil's reaching the green line..." - FAMOUS Akira verse. Okay not that famous.
"Terrorists have attacked the commercial building" - News flash.
"Yyyou - you fool!"
"Do it nowwwwwww!" - sarge needing some fiber in his diet.
"Stupidity...utter STUPIDITY!" - Tetsuo letting you know what he thinks of all this end of the world crap.
"Enough!" - Tetsuo once again. Don't get in his way.
"Let's finish this once and for all!" - Kaneda and Tetsuo show down!
"Open up!" - When Tetsuo says this, you say "how wide?"
"Where is this thing called Akira?!" - whatever you do, DONT TELL HIM! Aww, now you've gone and done it!


Click HERE
This is a cool one. An art picture of Kaneda on his bike lookin all cool.

There are more that I have, so have patience. I will also make some myself, but PSP 5.1 has a tendancy of making simple image files take up mem...well, I've bitched enough about memory. I'll worry about that. Lots more backrounds to come!

no midis yet.

Now that you've got yourself a nice backround, or maybe a few sound samples, just click here and send me some mail. If you can't think of anything to say, at least sign my guestbook on the main page. It only takes a second, and I love to see each and every one of you. I really mean it.